Funding Guidelines

Award Giving Policy


The Policies adopted by the Trust form part of the contractual terms on which awards are given from any of its associated funds.

  • The Trust will prioritise awards that are focused on grass roots involvement of practitioners and welcomes the chance to reach those more remote practitioners who are often ‘unreached’.
  • Awards are given on rural matters only.  Topic areas addressing sustainable development are welcomed.
  • A key focus of Arkleton awards is the ability to share knowledge.  The Trust welcomes applications that show how networks and linkages are made and knowledge shared between countries and intra country.
  • Overheads, estates and indirect costs will not be considered for funding in any application.
  • The Trust does not make Awards to cover the cost of assets.
  • The Trust does not make Awards to cover expenditure already incurred by any applicant, Award Holder or their Organisation.
  • The Trust will not accept applications to cover the cost of fees associated with attending higher educational institutions.
  • In order to protect the Charity’s cash flow and secure best value, the Trust provides fixed costs Awards which do not allow any additional costs for inflation of staff costs, consumables or third party services over and above what has been requested in the Award application.  It is therefore necessary for any applicant for any Award to estimate any such cost increases during the lifetime of the Award and then manage the Award within those costs.
  • Any under-spend that occurs or is likely to occur will be discussed with the Award Holder and may be deducted from the Award at the absolute discretion of the Trust.
  • The Trust expects that all awards given to organisations are acknowledged on that organisations’ website and in any documentation produced as a part of the process which is being funded.
  • The Trust expects that findings from research funded by the Trust will be published in an appropriate form, usually as papers in peer-reviewed journals and acknowledgement of funding from the Trust will be made. Copies of all publications should be sent to
  • Each Award Holder will be expected to provide regular updates to the Trust on the progress of the Award (in a format agreed at the time of giving the award) and a final report so that knowledge sharing can be maximised.